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Multi Axis Water Jet Machining

Want your cutting needs handled quickly and with top-notch precision? What used to take place on several separate machines can now be handled on one, and that means faster turnaround time for you. Yeah, we thought you’d like the sound of that.

Water Jet Machining

Waterjet Cutting

Ready for a versatile and accurate solution to cutting a multitude of materials? Water jetting is a cold cutting process that utilizes an ultra high-pressure 60,000 PSI stream of water infused with a semi-precious stone to abrasively create any 3-dimensional form.  

Our computer controlled 3-axis water jet cutting and the extreme accuracy of our Techjet TJ 4000–X2 is an ideal solution for pre-machining completed parts. We can save you valuable time by providing an accurate part that is ready for final machining, and unlike laser cutting this process does not require heat and will not modify the chemistry of the substance. 

We invite you to check out a list of industry and material specific applications  that make excellent use of this water jet cutting technology.