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Home 9 Project Spotlight: Clean Room and Ventilation System


Clean Room Hood System and Ventilation Upgrade

In a recent large project based in Ohio, WEFab conducted a major upgrade to the ventilation system and clean room hoods. The old hoods and duct were constructed from a combination of mild and stainless steel and were in bad shape.

After replacing the steel with fiberglass, our team set up the new hoods to penetrate through the block wall and to be connected into a trunk line outside of the building. The FRP ductwork is now properly supported throughout the length of each trunk line.

Here’s What We Included in the Project

WEFAB provided the fabrication, equipment, and installation required to make updates to the old clean room, including:

  • A new AMU
  • New fiberglass fans
  • New RP ductwork
  • New FRP exhaust stacks
  • New FRP exhaust hoods
  • Updated electrical
  • Newly installed hoist rail section
  • Paint for the clean room

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