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WEFab sets a whole new standard in plasma- and flame-cutting technology.


Flame Cutting

Our Koike Aronson 2500 Plasma/Flame Cutting machine can cut through steel up to 9.5 inches thick—the evidence is in the photographs. Our flame-cutting head can handle up to 12 inches of thickness, and we have an 8′x20′ table to meet all your flame-cutting needs. It features:

  • 5-axis rotation
  • Bevel cutting up to 45°
  • Material size up to 8′x20′
  • Thickness up to 8″
  • Complete CAD capabilities
  • Plate marking and etching

Our flame-cutting machine can be used on a wide variety of materials—including mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, any conductive material, manganese, AR, and harden plate.


Plasma Cutting

Thanks to our leading plasma-cutting machine, we are the only company in northern Indiana that can cut 3-inch steel plates.

Our Koike Aronson 2500 also features:

  • World-class capabilities in speed, accuracy, and versatility
  • A high-velocity jet of ionized gas reaching temperatures of 40,000°F
  • Competitive, affordable pricing

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